To the fucktard

I know that this is vitriol,
No solution, spleen-venting,
But I feel better having screamed, don’t you?
– lyrics from Ignoreland by R.E.M.

This is addressed to someone I refer to as “thrush”, because she’s an irritating cunt, who I told to fuck off and leave me alone last night, firstly because it’s therapeutic, secondly because she’s too much of a fucktard to understand why (saying “sorry” when you don’t know what you’re apologising for?!) and thirdly, it’ll make me feel so much happier.

Here’s my reasons fucktard, broken down for you. If you can’t understand this English… then kindly FUCKING GOOGLE IT! I’m not your fucking teacher.

  1. You’re a lazy cunt. Everything is too much effort, yet you expect everyone else to fucking jump at your command.
  2. You’re a fucking liar. Thank our mutual friend for sharing the bullshit you two talk about, but don’t hold it against her. “Evil”? “Dangerous”?  Really?
  3. You’ve no fucking idea what being a “friend” is. I can see now why you have so many problems with your social life, and here’s a hint, it’s not your fucking “friends” fault! Look in a mirror sometime instead of blaming everyone else for YOUR problems.
  4. Paranoid freak.

Do you miss me now, fucknut?

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