Those special days of the year

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Happy_valentines_daySo how was your Christmas?

Was it full of joy? Happiness? Turkey? All the family getting together and not having one argument?

Good for you, but let me describe mine.

I was bored shitless, sober and I got a load of wank as far as presents go. Season of goodwill? Bollocks.

Now you see, I have a few good reasons to hate Christmas, the first and foremost one is that it’s a religious holiday and I hate that shit as much as I hate that ring tone advert for the Crazy Frog.

But there is another side, and I think it can be applied to all of these so called special days we have in the year.

Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Easter, Grandparents Day, Christmas, etc.

The idea of these are that we should be nice to each other.

On Valentine’s Day we are supposed to say “I love you” to our partners, and Christmas is the season of goodwill to all mankind, Mothers and Fathers Day is to show we love our parents and Grandfathers Day is to remind them they aren’t so far gone as to be put in a home.

Now the sentiment of it sounds all very good, but one thing puzzles me. Why do we need a special day to appreciate people?

What does it say about me, if on Valentines Day, I come home with six foot high FUCKING bunny hold a red heart with “I Love You” stitched on it’s foot? Does it say, “hey this is how much i lurve you”. or does it show I have so little imagination that I’ve fallen for the commercialised crap once more: you sad twat.

I don’t need to be told when to show my girlfriend how I feel about her, I tell her every day when I leave for work, when I get home from work, before I go to sleep, and when I wake up. Of course I buy her things throughout the year, little things that I think she’ll like and appreciate. That’s how you show someone you love them. Isn’t it?

Your Mother brought you into the world, she cared and looked after you as you grew up. And how do we show our love for our mothers? I’d put money that 90% of people do this: You buy her some flowers or chocolates. Yes well done Mum, and you can bet you’ll just get the chocs on Fathers Day as well.

Easter. What the fuck. Easter Eggs? How in the world does celebrating the death of some mythical supernatural get turned into giving Easter Eggs? I’ve read the Bible, and I don’t remember Jesus, the disciples and giant bunny giving kiddies chocolate eggs!!!

These days are bollocks, and I treat them with equal contempt. I refuse to play along with these commercialised special days, and certainly not just because some prick in a card shop tells me to. Fuck ya all, I’ll show how I feel about people in my own way, in my own time and without your £5 crappy card.

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