Tanning taken to new extremes

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tanning_taken_to_new_extremesI’ve just seen on the BBC News that there is a new craze for that all over
sun tan.
Firstly, I don’t understand the appeal of a sun tan in the first place but if you’ve got it on holiday then fair enough. But to go for a fake tan? Well I can’t think it through on any level. All the fun of a sun tan without the expense of travelling abroad… even if it makes you look more like a satsuma than bronzed chav!
Anyway, there is an injection, which isn’t licensed for sale yet, but pop down to your local
tanning shop and you can buy it, or on the internet.
A slapper on the BBC site said she was “willing to take the risk”, and states that you have to have ten injections, then have more “if you want to go darker.”
It’s baffling that anyone that vain is willing to inject a drug that messes around the body and colours the skin.
One good thing though. The spokesperson for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said :

“We do not know what side effects it may cause and potentially what the long-term consequences on their health may be.”

GOOD! Fuck ’em.

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