Last word on the fucktard. FINALLY


So fucktard, you thought I’d let you get away with having the last word did you? Not in this fucking life you don’t.

So my reaction to your refusal to remove me from your friends list was a surprise to you was it? Really? The two days of me asking you repeatedly didn’t ring any bells in your mind? Or me telling you to “fuck off” every night for a week? You’re either a liar or stupid. I suspect both, but being the poor hapless victim is what you’re best at isn’t it Tereza?

Did you think I was joking about it then? You thought I was just tormenting you for fun? That really I wanted to be your best buddy in your sick and twisted mind? You fucking fucktard.

Now, if you did what asked EIGHT FUCKING WEEKS AGO, and remember you said you had done it as you made a big song and fucking dance about it, I wouldn’t have to go to such lengths of being a complete cunt to you.

And if you didn’t say “nah” repeatedly when I asked you over the last TWO FUCKING WEEKS, this wouldn’t have happened either.

If you didn’t disturb me on my fucking holiday, about some fucking argument you and J were having, that was abso-FUCKING-lutely nothing to do with me, I wouldn’t have been so angry at you.

And then you have the nerve to turn around and say you didn’t realise how much this meant to me. HAHAHAHA! Bullshit!

Looks familiar doesn't it Tereza? Sure it's just a coincidence

Looks familiar doesn’t it Tereza? Sure it’s just a coincidence

You changed your mind because YOU saw YOUR name on this blog because I called you a racist fucktard. You selfish little fucker, the world just has to revolve around you doesn’t it?

And you wonder why you have so many relationship problems…. it’s never your fault is it? It’s always someone else’s fault. Poor little Tereza, so hard done by in life. GOOD! You fucking deserve it.

Make no fucking mistake about what I think of you, or rather how little I think of you. I can’t fucking stand the fucking sight of you.

Good riddance to you, you lying, two faced, lazy, selfish, backstabbing, manipulative little cunt. I truly hope you get EVERYTHING you deserve, and trust me, that’s not a compliment.

Edit: I got an email in April 2016 from someone asking who the fucktard is. Given that his IP address was from Cleveland, Ohio, I suspect it was her boyfriend, well boyfriend last time I spoke to the fucknut anyway. Strangely enough, I’ve not received a reply from them.

What the fucking fuck just happened?

I was just having a conversation with a friend fucktard and erm… Well, I had to step away from my computer because I was so fucking angry I would not want to be responsible for my actions. Not sure if it was me over-reacting as usual.

The back story to the conversation was that I was on the phone to a company in America to get some IP addresses of their payment gateway API, so I could allow them to talk to a locked down web site.

I just happened to remark that I can’t bear the southern states accent, a bunch of rednecks. Anyway, the conversation continued for a bit and then my “friend” said this. I’ve done it as a screenshot as the idea of typing it out makes me physically sick.

The racist cunt

I’ve blurred the image not to protect the fucknut, though why is a mystery isn’t it Tereza Costisanu?

Now, I know I have issues dealing with people, but I like to think I’m a fair person, treating everyone equally, not giving a fucking about colour, race, religion, sexuality, etc. This has just appalled me. They said it to me once before but I let it go as their English being crap, so it could have been a typo. Yes, how naive am I?

But as I said, I had to step away from the computer and have a cigarette to calm myself down when I saw it. I showed it to a couple work colleagues, and they just confirmed to me what I should do. I knew what the right thing for me to do was, just double checking. So bye bye, blocked.

My shrink says I should write down things that stress the crap out of me, so that’s what this is.

Edit: Fucknut messaged me to remove her name from this post as she got a job in a coffee shop in Bucharest and her colleagues Googled her and found she was a racist. Funny. And the answer is no.

Edit again: Apparently I was being “oversensitive” and taking what was said “too seriously.” Also, the fucktard didn’t know what the word meant, although that didn’t stop her using the word many times when she was a camwhore hostess. I was her English teacher as well, apparently, so it’s my fault for not pointing out her mistake, instead of writing this blog post about it. Suggesting that even if you changed the N word with “black”, it’s still an appalling thing to say. Ah well.

Edit once more: I’ve just been informed by a friend of mine that this fucktard “doesn’t like you.” GOOD! I can’t stand her either, but that won’t stop the narcissistic fuck visiting this page. Meet you in your chat room to sort this out if you like ha!

Edit finally: Someone pointed out she has a LinkedIn profile now.

I know Irving’s never known to exaggerate, but..

In an attempt to look more hard done by, Irving’s front page news story has change in a subtle way. Instead of “Arrested in Austria”, it now says “Arrested at gunpoint in Austria.”

A subtle yet more dramatic alteration.

I haven’t update my Teleport copy of his site in a month or so, but suspect it was done when the site was screwed (the technical term I believe) over the new year holidays. Bloody tragic it came back.

What is David Irving playing at?

How did he end up in an Austrian jail?

Well, that’s not so important. To me the question is “Why did he end up in an Austrian jail?”

There are two answers to this.

The first scenario is that David Irving thought he could get away with sneaking into a country that he was banned from, to give a lecture to some students. I don’t think anyone would take that chance willingly, and Irving, for all his faults isn’t stupid. It takes a certain amount of skill to skew documents and argue that they mean the opposite of what they say.

What is stupid is stating on his web site that he was going somewhere and leaving the place empty so has to disguise it. Surely he would have known that this meant he would be going somewhere he shouldn’t. Not exactly rocket science.

Naturally someone would have learned of the plans for his visit and alerted the authorities. Why not? I would have done it as well.

But how did he get into that situation?

The second option, and the one I personally think fits Irving like a glove.

David Irving, an outsider in the denial world since his disastrous loss in the high court against Professor Lipstadt, and desperately needs to get some credibility back. He sees his friends Zundel and Rudolf in prison and getting lots of publicity, so what could he do to draw more attention to himself? “Oh I know, ” thinks Irving. “I’ll go to Austria!”

Surely the inconvenience of a few weeks in jail is bearable for all the publicity he can get and start screaming about his “freedom of speech”, or gramophone he would say.

It’s like Irving is suffering for the cause, he’s in the same situation as Rudolf and Zundel, and so he must be like them? The stupid people who believe the “holohoax” think the same, and Irving is restored to his former self. Sadly.

Is it outside the realms of possibility that this was set up from the start?

No I don’t think so.

He’s a consummate attention seeker as has been shown throughout his “career”, so I wouldn’t put it past him to have set this up from the very start.

All I can say is “who cares?”

Irving ponders on subtleties of the weather that caused Hurricane Katrina

In today’s Action Report, he describes hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans.

As per usual the reader waits for the anti-Semitic comment and it didn’t take long, although I was surprised in the context.

I am surprised incidentally that our traditional enemies do not object that only Aryan names are used for these disasters — why no Hurricane Isidore’s or Chaim’s?

What does it matters what they are called now, or who you can blame it on?