Joe Cienkowski talks bollocks #24 : Obama and slandering Islam quotemine

Obama said "future must not hold for those who slander Muhammad", so why would he attend the supporters of those… — Joe Cienkowski (@JoeCienkowski) January 12, 2015 Wow! That’s a hell of a quote, what do you think the odds are that that’s been taken completely out of context? I know, ninth commandment and […]

“Dr” Hovind lies through his teeth. AGAIN.

“Dr” Kent Hovind’s blog is hilarious, I strongly recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed, it brings a tear to my eye the utter crap he writes. A blog entry from February 8th, starts off with the standards of truth and honestly you’d expect from a Christian: Five years ago today I was sentenced to […]

Starchasr talks bollocks #12 : Evolution is confusing

@MovingToMontana I do I read the bible…..Evolution is a confusing theory I expect much more from a "proven fact." — Paul Sharp (@Starchasr) December 14, 2009 We have these things called a “library”, and in these “libraries” there are things called “books” and what happens is that you open the “book” and you can read […]