Experience with an iPhone 5

Well someone was selling an iPhone 5 cheaply, so why not, and with an unlimited 4G data plan from Three, so thought it would be a time for an experiment.

First thing that got on my tits was the screen size. After using a Nexus 5 since it’s release, it was a strange experience to go back to a smaller screen especially when it came to the poxy keyboard on the iPhone. Swiftkey was the first app to be installed.

But on the whole, the iPhone 5 is quicker at loading apps and with Chrome installed instead of that crap called Safari, I’m liking the experience and maybe if it was an iPhone 6 I would get on with it better, but I think I’ll be upgrading to the new Nexus 5 when that is released later this year rather than the expense of a iPhone 6. It’ll make a good work phone as no one other than PPI salespeople seem to know the outside phone number of the web team’s desk phone!

But you know the best thing about an iPhone?

1437993706_thumb.png IMG_0018

Fuck yes 🙂

So glad I bought Android

At least my HTC Desire makes calls no matter how I handle it.

It’s hard not to laugh at Apple’s problems with their overpriced piece of shite really. Is it software? It is a design fault? Do I really give a damn? Let the roundabout continue of point and blame.

It makes it intriguing just want it is Apple are going to announce tomorrow eh. Will they recall at great cost and endure the humiliation or, as I somehow suspect, give everyone a really crappy rubber case worth £20 which fixes the problem that Jobs was alerted to in the design stage?

Tough choice.

Why did I choose Android?

htcdesireWhy did I choose to buy an Android phone? (remember this is OPINION not FACT!)

Well there are four major reasons for it.

Reason 1

I’m a programmer, and a bloody good one at that. It doesn’t what language you throw at me I’ll program in it and since BASIC and assembler on the Spectrum in 1984 all I’ve been interested in is programming.

Now with this generation of smart phones, I’m dying to get my hands on it and program them.

Reason 2

I know iPhone owners, where I work has given the managers iPhone’s. Now these aren’t irrational people, they’re, for the most part anyway, level headed and intelligent and not geeks or nerds by any stretch of the imagination.

But give them an iPhone and watch them turn into a really annoying prick that shows off pointless apps they’ve discovered the previous night.

I tell you what, show them Google Navigation or Google Sky Map on Android and see how long it takes them to say “Is it on the iPhone?”

I’ve had run in’s with fanbois of various software/hardware for many years now, be it Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. I thought Linux freaks were the lowest on this planet, but I’m giving that spot to the Steve Jobs fan club. I’ve never seen such a group of kiss ass pillocks in my life, and with 16 years of the internet, that’s a lot of pillocks!

Reason 3


I’m a Windows programmer. Now to write apps for the iPhone I’d have to buy a Mac, and on eBuyer (quick find code 167038) the cheapest laptop is £843. Then throw the $199 dollar Apple developer fee into the mix and we’re talking £1,000 before you even start. But the real kicker is that once you’ve developed your super-duper application, it’s up to some closed committee at Apple to approve it! Yeah I don’t think so somehow. For me, it’s up to the users to decide.

Can you imagine the stink there would be if Microsoft said you can only install the software on your computer that they’ve approved? They’d be dead overnight.

Reason 4

I don’t know about you, but when I invest my money in a new gadget, or gizmo as the wife calls them, I usually go by past experience. Very rarely will I listen to what friends or reviewers say unless it is the first of a kind that I’ve no experience with before.

Such a thing happened in 2002 when I wanted a new personal music player and I read so much about this new thing called an “iPod”, I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Now, how many people out there felt so disappointed with that piece of shite? A fair few I bet. I switched to Creative MP3 players now and they piss over the iPod.

Reputation and personal experience clash, and I am not going to buy an overpriced, over styled, overhyped Apple piece of shite again when something half the price and do the same job, if not better.

So I chose the HTC Desire and I’ve not regretted that decision. I know something is good when the wife keeps telling me to “put that bloody thing down.” I know that if I can’t put something down for a few minutes, I know I love it, and Android is such a thing. I love programming it, and eagerly await HTC updating it sooner rather than later.