My wallpaper collection

With no inspiration to write a rant, here’s a quick and dirty post to fill in the big gap on my WordPress post calendar.

I have a Design RSS feed which occasionally has something useful in there that doesn’t relate to massaging a rockstar/ninja/wizard (or any other adjective to describe these narcessitic fuckers) designers, like some nice images for background wallpapers.

This is wgere my OCD kicks in, but I like a consistent look across my desktop machine at home, my work Mac Book Pro and my work’s Mac Book Pro, so I have a folder on my OneDrive that has 300+ images that rotate every 20 minutes or so across the board.

So rather than doing the blindingly obvious and sharing that folder, I’ve copied them to My Google Photos and shared that as well. Why make life easy huh?

So click here to see my appalling taste and nerdiness in background wallpapers.