Brazil 1 – Germany 7

Ok it’s 13 days after the event, but this match is so good and so hilarious to watch, I torrented it the next day and I’ve watched it four times now and it doesn’t stop getting any funnier.

After the fourth time, I thought it would be a giggle to post my favourite screen grabs.










Well it’s half time, how’s the Brazilian fans doing?

Not well I guess. Still, at least it can’t get any worse.





A little full time action

The most hilarious image for me…


…David Luiz praying to his god. Why? Praying he’ll come down and magic the scores? Or praying you won’t get lynched outside the stadium for playing so badly?

Germany out of the World Cup

Gutted as hell that Germany are out of the World Cup. They’ve been by far the best team, but sadly the Spanish won with a belter of a header.

My dream of a repeat of the 1974 World Cup final of Netherlands vs Germany is gone, so now I’m hoping the Spanish lose.



Whenever there’s a European match, no matter what team, you get behind the English club, right?

Er, I think not. Not in the case of Chelsea or Manchester United anyway, and last night was a good night. A very good night.

Barcelona whipped their arse in the Nou Camp, but the Special Needs One still wouldn’t give in and say the better team one. Oh no, they had “bad luck”. Yeah right, straight from the Sir Alex Ferguson School of Crap Excuses.

Of course saying that, Arsenal are playing tonight so I’m going to look a right arse now ain’t I 🙂

Oh dear god, What the hell was that Arsenal?

arsenalI’ve just seen the worst Arsenal performance I have ever witnessed, and in 30 years, that’s saying something!  What the fuck were they playing at?  I have my suspicions that it’s not just the League Cup that means fuck all to clubs, but now it’s the F.A Cup that means fuck all… yes, the oldest football competition in the world now is now relegated to dross.

What REALLY annoys pisses me off is that fact that 9,000 Arsenal fans coughed up money to travel to Old Trafford to watch their team who appeared just to be there to make up the numbers! This is robbery!

Why would this be?  Well, it couldn’t possibly be that there is no money in the F.A Cup surely? After all, there are European Cup Champions League matches on Wednesday which means millions in revenue, and then there is the Premiership which millions in revenue, and the F.A Cup which has, erm, well nothing along with the League Cup.

It’s come to money.

The Bloody Champions League! For fuck sake, what is so fucking “champions” about finishing FOURTH in the domestic league!!!!  Couldn’t be about screwing every last piece of revenue from an already robbed footballing fans? No, surely not even UEFA would be that bunch of wankers. Oh sorry, yes they are. They were the ones that dropped the non-money spinning Cup Winners’ Cup in favour of extending the tedious profit making excitement of qualifying matches for the big one!

The Premiership. Who has benefitted from the Premiership? The prima donna players getting £100,000 a week, the directors of the clubs, football managers and corporate entertainment!

Every fucker has benefitted apart from the fans. Ticket prices have rocketed, new shirts out every two years at £40 a throw, corporate boxes are taking over.

“But football is more exciting now”, yeah but at what cost? And don’t tell me that there were no exciting matches before hand. I remember the 80’s very well and the classic matches. Arsenal and Liverpool in the last game of the season for the league championship title?  The best F.A Cup final in 1979?