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Ooooo new feature… what can we do with it? Oh.

It’s amazing what you can do with technology these days, and it’s equally amazing on how little amuses the innocent and what goes through the minds of development teams when a new feature is added.

An example today is a new version of a mobile app the company is developing, and they’ve just added electronic signatures to the app, anyone who has tried to get your signature to look anything resembling reality with post deliveries will know how painful this is.

So after 30 seconds of trying signatures out, the development team decide to get creative. And draw stick men, and then of course the obligatory cock and balls.

List Custom Taxonomy Widget v3.4 (forked)

Working on a WordPress support site for the last week or so, and we wanted to display sidebar dropdown menus for the many taxonomies we’ve created to help support agents find the correct content.

WordPress built in widgets don’t let you choose custom created taxonomies so the hunt was on for a way to do this. Instead of doing some work, I found the List Custom Taxonomy Widget, which suited our needs perfectly. And yet I wasn’t happy with it. For a kick off the submit button says “go »” , the 1990’s called and want their call to action indicator back.

The changes I made to fit my needs for this web site:

  • If FontAwesome Menus is installed show a FontAwesome input box for icon (fa-search for example, see FontAwesome Cheatsheet for the complete list)
  • Custom text on button, default to “Go »” (the 1990’s called again)
  • Add onchange option (The button will still be shown for accessibility purposes. And truly stupid people who need to see a button(!))

Download here and upload to your web shite.

Just for a change, I thought I’d have a blog post that actually involves what I do for a living. Don’t worry, the abuse will continue soon enough 

My code merge on GitHub

It’s tragically geeky, but just received notification from GitHub that the code I sent to the WordPress plugin DW Questions and Answers has been merged into the master branch.



I can now change my CV to say “WordPress Developer” 🙂

Every little helps.


Ah Zend Framework, you thought I’d cave in

Thought you could beat me you bastard eh 🙂

Though it would have helped if the previous developer of the site didn’t completely fuck up the directory structure, therefore rendering any documentation completely useless.

Oh, and thanks for leaving out those all so tricky administration back-end forms that you patently couldn’t be arsed to do.


Object orientated programming, I shit it now.

Portable USB drive experience

I bought a crappy Dell off eBay to use as a web server, unfortunately my attempts to get Ubuntu, Fedora, etc to work failed. I don’t have the patience these days, so when I got a new 8gb USB key, I thought I could use that instead, so after trying a lot of WAMP servers that are apparently portable, I settled on USB Web Server.

Great! That was fucking painless, what about security?

Well True Crypt is a doddle at doing that, and doesn’t need to be installed on every PC either with traveller mode.

Once I added Portable Start Menu I went a little mad with it all, but travelling around showing web sites, and trouble shooting PC’s has never been easier.

Now I don’t have to sync three web servers (the laptop, the workstation and the live sites) all the fucking time, it’s all one here.

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