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Homeopathy defies fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. In this video we’ll see how much evidence the Society of Homeopaths was able to bring to bear when a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority, and we’ll look at some of the papers they didn’t present to the ASA.

The ASA’s ruling:

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Homeopathy defies fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. What does it take to become a homeopath? No training is needed at all, but in this video we compare what seems to be the last BSc Homeopathy course in Britain with a BSc in medicine. The claim that the Swiss Government has endorsed homeopathy is also examined.


The Centre for Homeopathic Education:

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Natural News’ version of Ullman’s article:

HometopathyPlus’ version repeating claim of “government report”:

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Sven Rudloff’s translation and analysis of the PEK:

The Quackometer’s “The Swizz Report on Homeopathy”:

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Other resources for the interested:

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