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Stupid people having accidents in the UK

stupid_people_thumb[1]Stupid people in this world need some sort of protection. These are just some examples of what hospitals have to deal with each year.

    • Eating and drinking caused 42,000 casualties.


  • The harmless looking slipper caused 37,000 injuries to cretins.



  • That innocent looking flower make look safe, but that don’t stop them injury 3,500 a year.



  • Tissue paper injured over 1,500 people. Bet they were all teenagers wanking over a copy of Razzle.



  • Clothes pegs and BLU-TACK kill several people.



  • 14 people are seriously injured by mushrooms.



  • Eggs kill 17 idiots a year.



  • 95 hurt by wooden spoons.



  • 103 by frying pans.



  • 40 by cheese.



  • 398 people injured while falling off toilets. I know the feeling…stop straining so much is my advice.



  • 4,400 people are injured every year pulling on their trousers!



  • 6,585 accidents are caused by socks/tights.



  • Pyjamas cause 768 injuries a year.



  • Dressing gowns 691.



  • 12,170 people were injured by vegetables.



  • 520 ice cream related accidents each year.



  • Magazines inflict nearly 3,000 injuries.



  • Toothbrushes knobble 500 victims.



  • Cotton buds can claim an astonishing 880 victims.



  • Christmas tree lights kill 80 people a year (or in one month presumably).



  • The humble personal stereo kills 80 people a year.



  • Hardhats were involved in 214 home or leisure accidents.



  • Saucepans were involved in 262.



  • 67,000 people go to casualty departments every year because of accidents with packaging.



Remember that these fuckwitts are allowed to vote!

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