Portable USB drive experience

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I bought a crappy Dell off eBay to use as a web server, unfortunately my attempts to get Ubuntu, Fedora, etc to work failed. I don’t have the patience these days, so when I got a new 8gb USB key, I thought I could use that instead, so after trying a lot of WAMP servers that are apparently portable, I settled on USB Web Server.

Great! That was fucking painless, what about security?

Well True Crypt is a doddle at doing that, and doesn’t need to be installed on every PC either with traveller mode.

Once I added Portable Start Menu I went a little mad with it all, but travelling around showing web sites, and trouble shooting PC’s has never been easier.

Now I don’t have to sync three web servers (the laptop, the workstation and the live sites) all the fucking time, it’s all one here.

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