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January was the month for that bi-annual circus that is a phone contract renewal. T-Mobile have been great for the last four years, but they’ve taken the piss this time around. I looked at my options they gave me, and I was hoping for maybe a Samsung Galaxy S3, an iPhone maybe even a Lumia. Not that I wanted either phone, I just know I can flog them on eBay or Gumtree for £400+ and then get another, though which one is another matter. Instead what they offered was like I travelled back in time, apart from the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and no, you can fuck off with that phone.

Ever since I got my Asus Nexus 7 tablet when they were first launched, I instantly fell in love with the pure Android experience, that is a device that doesn’t have a shitload of 3rd party apps preinstalled (like the Versus Touchpad 7) or horrific carrier UI’s (Sense by HTC, TouchWiz by Samsung, etc.).

By experience, I know HTC and Samsung are really crap at releasing updates for their phones, Jelly Bean has been promised every month since October and there’s still no sign of it, still, fingers crossed it could be February but I’ll put money on it being March or April, just in time for the Key Lime Jelly update. Way to go.

The phone was I was interested in was the Nexus 4 by LG. I’ve read good reviews on the whole, and all the bad points raised like the camera is purely subjective in my view and the inability to change the battery is not one of my priorities. The only area I was worried about was the space on-board, no SD card slot and only 16gb on-board storage.

But is that really anything to worry about?

I don’t need 10gb of space for music, it’s stored on Google Music. I have the bear minimum of music stored just to get me from home to work when I’m out of Wi-Fi reach (though interestingly my new Orange contract has BT Open Wi-Fi support).

I don’t have gigabytes of game data to worry about because apart from Flow Free and Pool Break Pro, I don’t play 3D FPS games on my phone that require ridiculous amounts of storage for data.

So fuck it, I got the Nexus 4 and after using it for a few hours, I’m hugely impressed.


I used Nova Launcher on my SGS2 as that gave me more options than fucking Touchwiz and the god awful default one does. However, the 4.1,2 Android launcher is fantastic on the Nexus 7 and it feels so smooth, fluid, response and zips along when moving between screens and the app drawer, and on the Nexus 4 it’s even better.

The camera is better than I assumed it would be after reading the reviews. Considering how slow the SGS2 is, this one flies along taking photo after photo very quickly. Still no dedicated camera button which is annoying still when you have that split second opportunities.

In fact, it’s safe to say I’ve not found one thing on this phone that I can fault. So it’s goodbye to Samsung and good fucking riddance, the wife is having that one now to replace her awful Sony-Ericsson Ray.

Google-Nexus-4-logoOne major positive is that the back of the device in press photos looks, well, girly. Thank fuck that in reality is doesn’t look that bad Smile

So if you’re an Android owner, and want a better experience, go Nexus. You won’t regret it.

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