“Move to SD Card” in Froyo isn’t a utopia

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My weekend of pissing around with my HTC Desire continued from my initial rooting on Friday.

I have to say that it’s so much easier to┬áset up Froyo than Eclair. No pissing around with POP3 and SMTP setting for a @live.co.uk address, just the email and password. WiFi was a peace of piss as well, no more fucking around guessing the encryption.

The feature I was after though was moving apps to SD card, it’s so frustrating. Vic Gundotra said that on average, Android users install 40 apps. Well obviously they don’t have an HTC Desire with its pathetic amount of memory.

So then, how many people after watching the Google I/O 2010 keynote thought it would all be better with the little “Move to SD card” option? Who amongst you forgot that this isn’t built-in function, and that programmers have to enable it in their apps?

Unfortunately not all apps have the ability, and as good as it is, there are big name apps that hog the internal space that as yet do not allow moving the SD card. Twitter, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Photoshop Mobile, Evernote, Google Earth, Google Maps and the like, still take up over 70mb of space between them and that’s not including the cache space.

After I reinstalled all my apps after rooting it the first time around, I was still left with no room on the phone so I went the whole hog and split my 16gb SD card so I have a 1gb Apps2SD partition.

This is the functionality that SHOULD have been in Froyo not the implementation that Google have done. Ok some apps don’t work like Google Voice and Google Skymaps but that was just easy to unmount the SD and install on the phone memory. Mixzing works fine although the music seems to stutter when fetching album art so I’ve moved that to memory as well.

According to my AppBrain.com account, I now have 57 apps installed, taking up 68 meg of space and yet I still have 92meg free on my internal phone memory. Having a 1gb seems overkill with hindsight.

So the moral of the story is don’t expect to have vast amounts of free space after the Froyo because of the “Move to SD card” feature because as it isn’t going to happen. Not until the app developers start adding the function anyway. So if you want to done properly, root your phone.

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