Millennium building finally finished!

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Another triumph of UK engineering! A triumph in a Millennium Dome, Channel Tunnel, Wembley Stadium kind of way.

After going over budget by £11 million and being completed five years late, the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth was opened!

To celebrate this new structure being open to the public, the previous Sunday there was a blessing for the tower, and it must have worked as on it’s first day the glass elevator jammed 100 meters off the ground with some more bloke stuck inside.

So hurray for the builders eh.

There’s just something about this country when it comes to big building projects that we simply can’t finish it on time, on budget and without it being a fucking waste of tax-payers money!!

Still at least the people of Portsmouth can see where their hike in council taxes are going to go at least. Excuse me while I stifle a laugh.

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