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Well, it’s the weekend. How was it for you?  Well very boring for me as it happens as it’s the end of the month so I go through the ritual of backing up my two laptops, my workstation PC, my HTC Desire and my external USB drive that I take to work.

The wife is working this weekend as well, so I had a whole eight hours to waste until she got home, so while the monotony of trying to squeeze 2tb of data on to a 750gb hard drive was happening, I was sitting watching the #htcdesire hashtag go from funny to REALLY funny.

As you are probably aware, in case you have a life, HTC yesterday announced that Froyo would be rolling out this weekend to UNLOCKED phones, that is phones without provider branding. T-Mobile was quick to piss on the corn flakes of many by saying they’re aiming to release Froyo in September, which made me laugh more.

So anyway, today is apparently the big day, and jack shit has happened apart from the people on #htcdesire getting a little more tetchy as the hours go by.

I have to admit to starting to take the piss with messages like

I got an update on my #htcdesire! Oh it’s Beautiful Widgets again

I better not mention the update for NewsRob or people might think it’s #froyo for #htcdesire. Ooops 🙂

A few people thought it was the Froyo update but not as many as I’d hoped haha It’s not like I haven’t just been sitting watching the headless chickens without helping. I did ask:

what is everyone looking forward to when #froyo comes to the #htcdesire?

And from the two who bothered to answer, it seems the JIT and SD Card installation is the major features being asked for. Oh boy are you in for a disappointment, as I’ll explain later.

As I write this at 19:24, the messages are getting more frantic.

Maybe we need a hashtag to indicate when #froyo starts arriving, maybe #igotfroyo? #htcdesire #android (retweeted ad nauseum by the way)

Still waiting patiently for my #froyo #htcdesire update… (drums fingers…) http://disq.us/j3gca

HTC Desire 2.2? #2.2 #HTCDesire #HTC #Desire #Froyo #delayedupdates #evil #refreshingdoesntspeedthingsup #keepclickingcheck

Where’s the FroYo Update for my HTCdesire… ??

Let Mystic Pentagram try and make a prediction. IF HTC get this update out at the weekend, and as some bright spark pointed out, why would they do it at the weekend when no support staff are around, then within a couple of days there will be a #htcdesirefroyosucks, or similiar tag.

As I blogged last weekend, the SD card installation in Froyo isn’t perfect, in fact it’s next to useless. It will not work on all apps until the developers write it into the code, so the big apps that use the most space won’t move and you’ll run out of space just a few minutes later that you usually will.

I know, it happened to me when I put a beta on my HTC Desire. Then I installed A2SD which installs ALL apps to the SD.

So that is why I’m chuckling to myself as I watch the messages come up on #htcdesire, because I know what will happen when it’s installed on your phone. You’ll have the same “oh that’s cool”, “they did that well” and the “ah fuck I’ve run out of room AGAIN” reactions I did.


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