HTC finally announces Froyo for the HTC Desire

As an HTC Desire owner, I’m a little frustrated at not being in with the Froyo in-crowd at the moment, and I’m guessing the main reason for HTC not releasing it just yet is because of the crap Sense UI they have on top of Android.

I understand they need to maybe update the widgets and add new features, but it begs the question, was HTC involved in the beta testing and development of Froyo?

I work in I.T and we test beta versions of Microsoft server, workstation and office software to make sure it’s compatible with our systems and rewrite parts of the system before it’s released across the company. The same goes for the web site when betas of PHP and MySQL are released.

So is the final version of Froyo relased by Google this week a complete surprise to HTC?  If not, where has the beta testing and development been to prepare all their phones for immediate release, I mean this is so hyped and only leads to disappointed customers.

We’ve heard today from them that Android 2.2 will be release for the Desire by the end of the third quarter of 2010. I still find that incredible as a programmer that it takes five-six months to work to alter, if there is any that need doing, to the Sense UI when this should have been done well before the Google I/O conference in May.

This is the reason I’m excited by the Gingerbread version of Android planned for the end of the year, which Google are promising will do away with the need for third party carrier UI’s like Sense. We can then get immediate updates.

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