Finally fixed permissions on Windows 8

Ever since I installed Windows 8, the XBox music app has been a pain in the arse. No matter what I did to the libraries settings, nothing seemed to work. I’ve just accepted it was a crap app.

However, I was in the middle of my yearly clearup of crap I’ve accumulated and found the problem. Permissions on some of my music are still set to my old Windows 7 installation, and since I’m using my Microsoft account now to sign in, 95% of my music just refuses to load.

Open a command line with administrator permissions, and CD to the directory to need to fix. In my case it was

Now type

If you still get access denied messages, try

and then the icacls command from above again. This should fix the issue.

Now my music is all showing up, and it worked for my videos as well. Happy as a pig in shit.

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