Emma Thompson says Audrey Hepburn “couldn’t sing and couldn’t act”

Emma Thompson, yes that famous actress who appeared in such classics as… no it’ll come to me eventually, is rehashing rewriting My Fair Lady. A wonderful job I’m sure since rewriting what’s already been written isn’t exactly a taxing job.

Anyhoo, she’s attacked Audrey Hepburn as being “twee” and saying she “couldn’t sing and couldn’t act.” Yeah that’s a little rich coming from you Emma, who was in erm, god damn I still can’t remember any of your films. maybe IMDB can help refresh my memory. Nope, a load of shite, and the only thing I can remember of her is appearing on QI and being married to luvvie Kenneth Branagh.

Look love, in 30 years time a A Breakfast at Tiffany’s will be remembered while your pile of kack like Maybe Baby will be long resigned to the bargain bucket of Poundland.

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