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“Christians knew the earth was round 800 years before Christ was born”

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Was it “round” or a “sphere” though Peachy?

“Dr” Hovind lies through his teeth. AGAIN.

“Dr” Kent Hovind’s blog is hilarious, I strongly recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed, it brings a tear to my eye the utter crap he writes.

A blog entry from February 8th, starts off with the standards of truth and honestly you’d expect from a Christian:

Five years ago today I was sentenced to ten years in federal prison — three of them for praying for a man on the radio and five of them for taking our own ministry money out of our own ministry bank account to pay the ministry bills! Whoda’ thought it could happen in America? It actually might be funny if it were not happening to me!


Utter bollocks, as a simple Google search shows. Kent and Jo Hovind were charged with a total of 57 counts of tax evasion plus addition charges of:

  • Filing an injunction against an IRS agent.
  • Making threats against investigators and those cooperating with the investigation.
  • Filing false complaints against the IRS for false arrest, excessive use of force and theft.

I don’t see anything about praying. What was that commandment again about bearing false witness?

Another challenge from @JoeCienkowski and I can’t help but bite

It’s not unusual for a blog post by Joe Cienkowski to be a steaming pile of shit, full of different typeface sizes, colours, underlining, bolding which makes it hard to concentrate on the text because it goes all over the fucking place.

But this week he really tried to blog about an experience on Twitter, and bless his little cotton socks, he fails as fucking usual.

Unfortunately he’s caught me after my transition from answering fuckwittery creationism with politeness to answering creationism fuckwittery with the utter contempt it deserves.

Anyway, Joe is attacking @RosaRubicondior, @ByDLeft, @TroyBeast, @ItsThatBriGuy, @FelixQui and @AnnraoiOD and these are people who have a far stronger grasp of reality than Peachy.

The blog post is full of shit and fallacious arguments as is the norm, but basically he’s saying that he’s not a liar:

Show me supporting evidence that I’m either 1) lying or 2) have not bothered to understand what atheism really is.

Well where do we start. Shall we start with your lies: *deep breathe*

  • Atheism is a religion (by definition, no it isn’t)
  • Abiogenesis is spontaneous generation repackaged (no it isn’t)
  • Abiogenesis is part of evolution (no it isn’t)
  • There’s no proof of evolution (yes there is)
  • Carbon dating is wrong and the scientists are lying about (no they aren’t)
  • Issac Asimov came up with C14 half-life of 5,730 (no he didn’t)
  • Evolution is biologically impossible (no it isn’t)
  • The Bible is inerrant (no it isn’t and you don’t answer the examples given)
  • The Bible is infallible (no it isn’t and you don’t answer the examples given)
  • The “Human Population Timeline” (it’s full of shit)
  • The “Atheist Highway” (it’s full of shit)
  • The “Atheist Commandments” (that’s your construct, not atheists)
  • “Dr” Kent Hovind is a great scientist (no he isn’t)
  • The earth is part of a closed system (no it isn’t)
  • Atheism is a disbelief in God (no it isn’t, and if it was it’s ALL gods)
  • Archaeopteryx isn’t a transitional fossil (yes it is)
  • Coelacanths disprove evolution (no it doesn’t)
  • “Giant sized fossils: Recently, a sloth the size of a grizzly bear, a camel twice the normal size, and many other giant sized fossils coincided with the Bible, which says things used to live hundreds of years” (size and strength is nothing to do with evolution)
  • Neanderthals were larger and strong so disprove evolution (size and strength is nothing to do with evolution)
  • Darwin recanted his theory on his deathbed (no he didn’t)
  • James Hutton made up millions of years (no he didn’t)
  • You described yourself as a “creation biologist” (not even fucking close)
  • Evolution is religious (no it isn’t)
  • The Miller-Urey experiment was a failure (no it wasn’t and you’re misunderstand the point of that experiment)
  • Humans and apes have no common ancestor (yes they do)
  • Lucy was an ape (no it wasn’t)
  • Life came from nothing (evolution say no such thing)
  • On changes to the body for us to change to humans: “They would’ve had to have evolved, as well as the heart, lungs, blood, bones, male and female distinctions, systems of the body, simultaneously” (utter bollocks you’ve made up. Evolution says no such thing)
  • Big bang (matter, space and time) is to do with evolution (no it isn’t)
  • Life came from rocks (utter bollocks you’ve made up. Evolution says no such thing)
  • “The Earth is 70% water, plenty of water to form a flood” (no it isn’t, which is why we aren’t flooded now)
  • “Grand Canyon; it is a giant spillway of biblical proportions. We see many smaller versions from floods” (No evidence for a global flood… ANYWHERE)
  • Richard Dawkins supports intelligent design (“hypothetically” and context passed you by)

Those are your lies off the top of my head. I would link to an article refuting each and every one of your pathetic lies, but you won’t read them anyway. But hope springs eternal, so look up on PubMed or Google Scholar.

You’ve been repeating the same lies, misrepresentations and your own bollocksed up idea of science continuously for three long, boring years, despite being told your wrong, and shown evidence to show you’re wrong. You cannot even be arsed to read the links your sent, or for that matter comprehend the links you post which most of the time refute the point you think they’re making!

All you’ve got is the same tired material from Kent Hovind’s lecture that you blindly accept and then regurgitate, after all, how could the brilliant scientist “Dr” Hovind be wrong. So wrong that his equally cretinous son Eric Hovind has tried his damndest to remove the shit that was thrown at your hero before he was jailed for not rendering unto Caesar.

So that’s your lies, let’s deal with your not having a fucking clue what atheism is.

In your “book” Atheism is a religion, the clue to you not know is in the title, you say:

I’m here to convert you to theism. I’m friends with many atheists and have many that I regularly talk to. I speak regularly literally to hundreds of atheists

I call bullshit.

I see atheists as so far away from the truth that not only don’t they know God personally, but they don’t even know God exists

Jeez. Look, atheism is very simply a lack of belief in any god of any religion, anywhere. You on the other hand project your goat fuckers myth shite onto atheism, and you come up with the comical “atheist commandments”, “atheist churches” and “atheist tenants” to make it look like a religion in your eyes. And to try and sell a few books. If, and that’s a big fucking “if” you have atheist friends, then which one of these twats said “Fuck me Joe, you’re right. We have churches, tenets, etc.”  I’ll answer it for you, because I know what the answer probably is… you didn’t fucking ask anyone, you just thought it sounded so good.

I’m not just going to single you out for be stupid, I’ll throw in @starchasr, @godloving666, @piltdownsupermn and any other fuckwitted cretinist creationist out there on Twitter.

Your collective “research” and “love” of science and shitting on the scientific method stretches to reading simplistic bullshit served up for fucktards on Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries Inc, Creation Today, Discovery Institute and Institute of Creation Research. Then the likes of you lemmings commit intellectual suicide by acting as a relay, spreading the manure of creationism and ignoring the refutations.

This post is why I, and everyone else on the internet, can confidently call you a fucking liar and a fucking idiot. It’s not an insult, it’s a fact.

Ok @GodsWordIsLaw. Let’s debate.


Like yourself, I enjoy a good honest debate, and since you are complaining about a lack of one, perhaps I could fill that void and enter into a debate with you by email.

I do have four conditions:

  1. No gish galloping. One subject at a time.
  2. Emails can be blogged at any time, but no editing allowed.
  3. Sources (URL or Scanned) used by either side in your argument should be provided, or asked for on request.
  4. No time limit on replies from the other side.

So how about it? Any subject.

You can email me using the tab on the left hand side or leave a comment below.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Twitter’s latest fundie lunatic @GodsWordIsLaw has gone more bat shit crazy than usual tonight.

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Yes folks, for the third time this year we’re promised the fuckwitts will disappear and ascend to heaven in a rapture. On New Year’s Eve of all days, bloody selfish if you ask me. I fear we’re going to be disappointed AGAIN.

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Hmmm, Keith, you can’t even set fire to a photo of Ricky Gervais so I’m guessing getting 1,000,000 idiots to march with you is out of your grasp. Hence the cancellation, though you won’t look as much of a cock if you just said you can’t get anyone else to go with you.

And then to be even more stupid…

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ICR: Multiple Proofs of Creationism

Link: ICR: Multiple Proofs of Creationism

Ken Ham: “3000 children and young people attended the school programs yesterday morning at

Ken Ham: “3000 children and young people attended the school programs yesterday morning at Bellevue Baptist.”

This is from the man who said: “I believe dinosaurs are used more than any other topic by evolutionists to brainwash our children into accepting evolutionary ideas.”

Pot, meet the Kettle Black.

@joecienkowski speaks with ill-founded confidence on dinosaurs

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Oh really?

Are you sure about that Peachy?

Well perhaps you could explain what the NUMEROUS examples of what we would call “feathers” are around the dozens of fossils are. No rush, I know you’re incompetent researcher.

I know you prefer Yahoo Answers as a reliable source, but I prefer Wikipedia who has a good article on feathered dinos.

“Masturbation can be a form of homosexuality because it is a sexual act that does not involve a woman”

What a cock.

@joecienkowski conversion rate

I haven’t mention this fuckwitt for a while, mainly because I feel having a go constantly at Peachy is like beating up a defenceless animal.

So when @WestonLockley posts:

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… “a light went off in the inside of my head” (that was a quote from Joe Cienkowski’s Grand Reality pamphlet, lots of jokes there to borrow). If anyone has bothered to go to Peachy’s Twitter home and managed not to self harm from reading his tweets, you should look at his lists. Predictably he has two, one atheist and one christian.

But what’s that as a description on the atheist list?

You’re shitting me? Yep, Peachy, as well as being Christianity’s “chief apologist” is also on a one man mission to convert Atheists. So after 45,000 tweets, how many conversions?

To the knowledge of Twitter, there has been a massive TWO conversions that can be attributed directly to Joe Cienkowski, but before you congratulate him there is a little detail that I missed.

The two conversions are from Christians and Agnostics AWAY from Christianity, not too it.

So, congratulations Peachy. Four self-published book fails, one wrecked marriage, one leaky trailer park trash roof, big debts, 45,000+ tweets, 1,100+ followers (who are mostly atheists taking the piss) and you’ve driven away two people.

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