“Dr” Hovind lies through his teeth. AGAIN.

“Dr” Kent Hovind’s blog is hilarious, I strongly recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed, it brings a tear to my eye the utter crap he writes. A blog entry from February 8th, starts off with the standards of truth and honestly you’d expect from a Christian: Five years ago today I was sentenced to […]

Another challenge from @JoeCienkowski and I can’t help but bite

It’s not unusual for a blog post by Joe Cienkowski to be a steaming pile of shit, full of different typeface sizes, colours, underlining, bolding which makes it hard to concentrate on the text because it goes all over the fucking place. But this week he really tried to blog about an experience on Twitter, […]

@joecienkowski speaks with ill-founded confidence on dinosaurs

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/JoeCienkowski/status/127021582186053632″] Oh really? Are you sure about that Peachy? Well perhaps you could explain what the NUMEROUS examples of what we would call “feathers” are around the dozens of fossils are. No rush, I know you’re incompetent researcher. I know you prefer Yahoo Answers as a reliable source, but I prefer Wikipedia who has a […]

@joecienkowski conversion rate

I haven’t mention this fuckwitt for a while, mainly because I feel having a go constantly at Peachy is like beating up a defenceless animal. So when @WestonLockley posts: [blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/WestonLockley/statuses/125558544077553664″] … “a light went off in the inside of my head” (that was a quote from Joe Cienkowski’s Grand Reality pamphlet, lots of jokes […]