YAFS (Yet another Facebook scam) … allegedly

WARNING! Facebook planning to start scanning your brain for private information through your computer monitor. To stop this from happening, go to Kitchen -> Cabinets -> Upper Right Drawer -> then REMOVE the box that says ‘Aluminium Foil.’ Then wrap all foil around your head. Share this to warn all your friends. Sorry, I forgotten […]

Fundamentally Flawed: End of Year Special 2014

Blame it on a bizarre alignment of the planets, or Nibiru, or just plain boredom, but on December 30th 2014 Fundamentally Flawed reunited for a one-off* podcast special. With Alex, Kat, my good self, Peter and later on a pissed up Jim, we discuss some of the events of 2014 (thanks to Wikipedia’s exhaustive list of […]

Who needs critical thinking when it looks good?

I’ve seen this image posted by quite a few people on Facebook and tracing it back to its source, at the time of writing it’s been shared 211,669 times. Now have a read of what it says and I’ll join you after. Yeah! Bloody foreigners eh? Well no, because unlike the 211,000+ lobotomised muppets who’ve shared […]

World of Batshit – #3: Chemtrailer Trash

Part three in a series examining some of the most ridiculous claims. In this part, we look at chemtrails. WWII Public Domain’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WWIIPublicDomain Under Section 30 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, as amended, use of chemtard footage “for the purpose of criticism or review, of that or another work or of […]