Willy wonky scare

Sex toy giant Ann Summers is recalling 150,000 Rampant Rabbit vibrators — for fear randy women may do themselves a mischief.

The buzzing 7ins model features two attachments shaped like rabbits’ ears to enhance pleasure.

But a middle-aged customer was hopping mad after her £29.99 Rabbit went haywire at the crucial moment.

A latex covering on the base split and “sensual beads” that rattle up and down inside the shaft fell out.

The woman escaped injury. But the firm is calling in a batch of 150,000 Rampant Rabbits sold between May and September as a precaution.

Adverts in newspapers ask owners to return their vibrators for a free replacement. If all respond it will lose the firm £4.5 million.

Rampant Rabbits are the most popular vibrators among a million sold annually by Ann Summers — motto: “We’ve been keeping it up for 30 years, 1972-2002.”

Marketing boss Rebecca Franklin said: “There are hundreds of thousands in use. We think there is only a potential risk but we are taking no chances in such a sensitive area.”

Chief executive Jacqueline Gold said: “A failure may cause discomfort. Ann Summers is committed to product quality, safety and reliability.”

Man Kills ‘Demonic’ Child

George O’Hara stabbed his 8 year old son over 100 times because he believed the child was the devil incarnate. “I was walking with him, and he started to call me names – all kinds of names. I started to rough him up, then I started to cut him up.”

O’Hara, who comes from Philadelphia, was questioned by police while still wearing the clothes covered in the boy’s blood. O’Hara’s son, who was called Rory, had been brought to visit all the way from Baltimore by his mother.

“The guy was giving me problems. That is why I kill him. Sir, what if he really is the devil?” O’Hara asked the police. The police Detective then asked O’Hara specifically if he thought Rory, had been the devil and O’Hara replied “Yes.”