Ooooo new feature… what can we do with it? Oh.

It’s amazing what you can do with technology these days, and it’s equally amazing on how little amuses the innocent and what goes through the minds of development teams when a new feature is added. An example today is a new version of a mobile app the company is developing, and they’ve just added electronic […]

YAFS (Yet another Facebook scam) … allegedly

WARNING! Facebook planning to start scanning your brain for private information through your computer monitor. To stop this from happening, go to Kitchen -> Cabinets -> Upper Right Drawer -> then REMOVE the box that says ‘Aluminium Foil.’ Then wrap all foil around your head. Share this to warn all your friends. Sorry, I forgotten […]

Fundamentally Flawed: End of Year Special 2014

Blame it on a bizarre alignment of the planets, or Nibiru, or just plain boredom, but on December 30th 2014 Fundamentally Flawed reunited for a one-off* podcast special. With Alex, Kat, my good self, Peter and later on a pissed up Jim, we discuss some of┬áthe events of 2014 (thanks to Wikipedia’s exhaustive list of […]