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Me and my big mouth

Last week I happened to mention where the toilet rolls had disappeared to. The fact that half the development team are off sick and the other half are coughing, sneezing and spluttering in the office might explain where the bog rolls went.

Come Monday morning and this is the office toilet.


Should last a few weeks.

Oh, and don’t ask why there’s a vacuum cleaner in the toilet 😛

You crazy Dutch bastard

My Dutch friends birthday is coming up this month, and like last year he’s saving up for his usual treat. Normal people would go for a meal. Or maybe weekend away. Not my crazy dutch friend, he’s going for a slightly different approach to celebrating by going to, in his words, a whorehouse.

Last year he sent me a link to pick one for him, but that Polish girl is no longer there haha

He’s also translating the site for me, two new girls have started and they are in “testing.” What? How? A thousand questions in my head.

It’s another world compared to the stuff prudish attitudes the UK has to sex.

But he’s made the day fly by so thank you, my crazy Dutch bastard 😀

Kak handed typing of I.T administrators.

Just having support tinker with my works MacBook to configure new software, and this was the IM exchange. Remember, these are in charge of the infrastructure and administration of system’s coping with 25,000 employees. Count the typo’s.

J: il grab it is it for upi
J: *you
C: setting druva up on marks crapbook
C: and want to get off of it asap before i catch cooties
C: so speed it up!
J: hes not on druva yet, just adding himon tghe server
C: ive donwe thT

The kak handed typing suddenly explains why the systems sometimes don’t work as advertised 🙂

Copies of Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor are on the way boys.

Phrase of the day, 2015.03.06

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, but I keep forgetting about it.

While messing around in work, teasing the designer about designing, he looked at his watch and said “oh it’s prick o’clock“, hopefully meaning it was that time of the day when people get the funny five minutes and just pick on people for the hell of it.

Just sharing information in the hope that prick o’clock gets more usage outside the web team in our office 


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