Change the ‘Howdy’ in WordPress admin bar

“Howdy, Mark Hall!” Oh please WordPress. I changed it to ‘Hi, Mark Hall’ on the corporate web site, while looking through the functions.php for the IT Support Board, I decided to enhance it a little. What about a random selection? [code] /** * Replace ‘Howdy’ with a random welcome message… because I can šŸ˜‰ */ […]

How to check if user is an admin in WordPress

I’m writing a custom filter in WordPress today for an internal support board powered by AD and WordPress user roles/capabilities. The logic in the spec (such as it is) is along the lines of Is user postingĀ isn’t anĀ admin, find the admin of the user group (business support, technical support or integration) and send them an […]

List Custom Taxonomy Widget v3.4 (forked)

Working on a WordPress support site for the last week or so, and we wanted to display sidebar dropdown menus for the many taxonomies we’ve created to help support agents find the correct content. WordPress built in widgets don’tĀ let you choose custom created taxonomies so the hunt was on for a way to do this.Ā Instead […]

It’s nice to be appreciated with gifts :)

For doing something great some people would get a bonus, or doughnuts but as a simple humble (yeah right!) developer and a geek, I prefer something better. Yes, I was given a yellow circle sticker for being kick ass, yes, go me! <span style=”color: #ff0; font-weight: bold; font-size: 3em;”>Ā·</span> I’ll be sure to show it […]

Ah Zend Framework, you thought I’d cave in

Thought you could beat me you bastard eh šŸ™‚ Though it would have helped if the previous developer of the site didn’t completely fuck up the directory structure, therefore rendering any documentation completely useless. Oh, and thanks for leaving out those all so tricky administration back-end forms that you patently couldn’t be arsed to do. […]