Yop Poll WordPress plugin: Changing class of button and add FontAwesome

Since moving over to a new theme on the works web site, it’s been my mission to change the INPUT and BUTTON tags to match, and sometimes it’s just not possible without massive duplication of CSS. In this morning’s example, I wanted to get rid of the styling imposed by Yop Poll and put Twitter […]

Ooooo new feature… what can we do with it? Oh.

It’s amazing what you can do with technology these days, and it’s equally amazing on how little amuses the innocent and what goes through the minds of development teams when a new feature is added. An example today is a new version of a mobile app the company is developing, and they’ve just added electronic […]

Hemingway Rewritten WordPress Theme accent colour

I’m a big fan of the Hemingway theme, and I’ve only just noticed that there’s a new version by Anders Noren called Hemingway Rewritten, which adds lots of little features. But strangely, the Customizer option for the accent colour has been removed. Cue a few minutes looking for that default green colour and creating a […]