Setting the ‘to:’ address in Contact Form 7 from a custom field

This does assume you have the Contact Form 7 and Dynamic Text Extension plugins installed. If you don’t, this article will mean bugger all. On our works web site, we use Contact Form 7, about 30 in all, and after being asked to change the ‘to:’ address once too often, I thought ‘fuck this’ and came […]

50 shades of grey. Almost.

I was sent this by a developer in the office, from the SASS file for a web app. /* greys */ $grey1: #DEDEDE; $grey2: #CCCCCC; $grey3: #333333; $grey4: #666666; $grey5: #999999; $grey6: #f7f7f8; $grey7: #dddddd; $grey8: #eeeeee; $grey9: #777777; $grey10: #f5f5f5; $grey11: #f9f9f9; $grey12: #e8e8e8; $grey13: #e5e5e5; $grey14: #555555; $grey15: #737373; $grey16: #e6e6e6; $grey17: #adadad; […]

WordPress Contact Form 7 Postcode plugin

Edited: 18/3/2018 with screenshots and to recognise an update. Edited: 4/1/2019 with an update to fix filter. Some genius at work pointed out that the contact forms on the works web site weren’t validating properly. Whoops, my bad. So I changed the email and telephone inputs to their proper HTML5 types, but there was the […]

WordPress plugin to replicate Pluralsight’s search

The development team are being reskilled (NOT retrained) to use technologies for mobile apps like AngularJS and MVC5 and as we’re MSDN members, we get Pluralsight free 🙂 So we all get our subscriptions through and the first thing I notice is the search. That’s nice, so my mind is already writing the code in my head, but I’m a lazy […]