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New phone : Nexus 4

January was the month for that bi-annual circus that is a phone contract renewal. T-Mobile have been great for the last four years, but they’ve taken the piss this time around. I looked at my options they gave me, and I was hoping for maybe a Samsung Galaxy S3, an iPhone maybe even a Lumia. Not that I wanted either phone, I just know I can flog them on eBay or Gumtree for £400+ and then get another, though which one is another matter. Instead what they offered was like I travelled back in time, apart from the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and no, you can fuck off with that phone.

Ever since I got my Asus Nexus 7 tablet when they were first launched, I instantly fell in love with the pure Android experience, that is a device that doesn’t have a shitload of 3rd party apps preinstalled (like the Versus Touchpad 7) or horrific carrier UI’s (Sense by HTC, TouchWiz by Samsung, etc.).

By experience, I know HTC and Samsung are really crap at releasing updates for their phones, Jelly Bean has been promised every month since October and there’s still no sign of it, still, fingers crossed it could be February but I’ll put money on it being March or April, just in time for the Key Lime Jelly update. Way to go.

The phone was I was interested in was the Nexus 4 by LG. I’ve read good reviews on the whole, and all the bad points raised like the camera is purely subjective in my view and the inability to change the battery is not one of my priorities. The only area I was worried about was the space on-board, no SD card slot and only 16gb on-board storage.

But is that really anything to worry about?

I don’t need 10gb of space for music, it’s stored on Google Music. I have the bear minimum of music stored just to get me from home to work when I’m out of Wi-Fi reach (though interestingly my new Orange contract has BT Open Wi-Fi support).

I don’t have gigabytes of game data to worry about because apart from Flow Free and Pool Break Pro, I don’t play 3D FPS games on my phone that require ridiculous amounts of storage for data.

So fuck it, I got the Nexus 4 and after using it for a few hours, I’m hugely impressed.


I used Nova Launcher on my SGS2 as that gave me more options than fucking Touchwiz and the god awful default one does. However, the 4.1,2 Android launcher is fantastic on the Nexus 7 and it feels so smooth, fluid, response and zips along when moving between screens and the app drawer, and on the Nexus 4 it’s even better.

The camera is better than I assumed it would be after reading the reviews. Considering how slow the SGS2 is, this one flies along taking photo after photo very quickly. Still no dedicated camera button which is annoying still when you have that split second opportunities.

In fact, it’s safe to say I’ve not found one thing on this phone that I can fault. So it’s goodbye to Samsung and good fucking riddance, the wife is having that one now to replace her awful Sony-Ericsson Ray.

Google-Nexus-4-logoOne major positive is that the back of the device in press photos looks, well, girly. Thank fuck that in reality is doesn’t look that bad Smile

So if you’re an Android owner, and want a better experience, go Nexus. You won’t regret it.


Well, it’s the weekend. How was it for you?  Well very boring for me as it happens as it’s the end of the month so I go through the ritual of backing up my two laptops, my workstation PC, my HTC Desire and my external USB drive that I take to work.

The wife is working this weekend as well, so I had a whole eight hours to waste until she got home, so while the monotony of trying to squeeze 2tb of data on to a 750gb hard drive was happening, I was sitting watching the #htcdesire hashtag go from funny to REALLY funny.

As you are probably aware, in case you have a life, HTC yesterday announced that Froyo would be rolling out this weekend to UNLOCKED phones, that is phones without provider branding. T-Mobile was quick to piss on the corn flakes of many by saying they’re aiming to release Froyo in September, which made me laugh more.

So anyway, today is apparently the big day, and jack shit has happened apart from the people on #htcdesire getting a little more tetchy as the hours go by.

I have to admit to starting to take the piss with messages like

I got an update on my #htcdesire! Oh it’s Beautiful Widgets again

I better not mention the update for NewsRob or people might think it’s #froyo for #htcdesire. Ooops 🙂

A few people thought it was the Froyo update but not as many as I’d hoped haha It’s not like I haven’t just been sitting watching the headless chickens without helping. I did ask:

what is everyone looking forward to when #froyo comes to the #htcdesire?

And from the two who bothered to answer, it seems the JIT and SD Card installation is the major features being asked for. Oh boy are you in for a disappointment, as I’ll explain later.

As I write this at 19:24, the messages are getting more frantic.

Maybe we need a hashtag to indicate when #froyo starts arriving, maybe #igotfroyo? #htcdesire #android (retweeted ad nauseum by the way)

Still waiting patiently for my #froyo #htcdesire update… (drums fingers…)

HTC Desire 2.2? #2.2 #HTCDesire #HTC #Desire #Froyo #delayedupdates #evil #refreshingdoesntspeedthingsup #keepclickingcheck

Where’s the FroYo Update for my HTCdesire… ??

Let Mystic Pentagram try and make a prediction. IF HTC get this update out at the weekend, and as some bright spark pointed out, why would they do it at the weekend when no support staff are around, then within a couple of days there will be a #htcdesirefroyosucks, or similiar tag.

As I blogged last weekend, the SD card installation in Froyo isn’t perfect, in fact it’s next to useless. It will not work on all apps until the developers write it into the code, so the big apps that use the most space won’t move and you’ll run out of space just a few minutes later that you usually will.

I know, it happened to me when I put a beta on my HTC Desire. Then I installed A2SD which installs ALL apps to the SD.

So that is why I’m chuckling to myself as I watch the messages come up on #htcdesire, because I know what will happen when it’s installed on your phone. You’ll have the same “oh that’s cool”, “they did that well” and the “ah fuck I’ve run out of room AGAIN” reactions I did.


HTC Desire updates for Froyo this weekend

Well I take off my cynical hat and rejoice at this news. Hearing anything from HTC is a bonus

The Android 2.2 (FroYo) update for HTC Desire will start rolling out across Europe this weekend. As well as including the complete set of Android 2.2 features, the update will contain a few special additions of our own through the latest iteration of HTC Sense. The update will provide 720p video capture, HTC’s App Share widget, as well as our enhanced HTC Caller ID, and improved multi-language keyboard. Also, though the update, HTC Sync will allow HTC Desire users to sync their music with iTunes.

HTC Desire users will be notified that the over-the-air update is available to download when their phone automatically checks for software updates. The update won’t delete any of the phone’s content. However, due to the size of the update, we would advise using a WiFi connection to download it wherever possible to avoid additional data charges.

This update will initially roll out to unlocked HTC Desire handsets. Operator specific versions of the update are undergoing testing and we expect to make them available in several weeks’ time

I’ve had Froyo on my rooted Desire for the last week and I was disappointed. It was only after installing an EXT3 partition and A2SD that I fell in love with it. The idea that this is going to be fucked up by HTC now sending a OTA update is going to annoy the hell out of me. I can sense these things, no pun intended.

“Move to SD Card” in Froyo isn’t a utopia

My weekend of pissing around with my HTC Desire continued from my initial rooting on Friday.

I have to say that it’s so much easier to set up Froyo than Eclair. No pissing around with POP3 and SMTP setting for a address, just the email and password. WiFi was a peace of piss as well, no more fucking around guessing the encryption.

The feature I was after though was moving apps to SD card, it’s so frustrating. Vic Gundotra said that on average, Android users install 40 apps. Well obviously they don’t have an HTC Desire with its pathetic amount of memory.

So then, how many people after watching the Google I/O 2010 keynote thought it would all be better with the little “Move to SD card” option? Who amongst you forgot that this isn’t built-in function, and that programmers have to enable it in their apps?

Unfortunately not all apps have the ability, and as good as it is, there are big name apps that hog the internal space that as yet do not allow moving the SD card. Twitter, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Photoshop Mobile, Evernote, Google Earth, Google Maps and the like, still take up over 70mb of space between them and that’s not including the cache space.

After I reinstalled all my apps after rooting it the first time around, I was still left with no room on the phone so I went the whole hog and split my 16gb SD card so I have a 1gb Apps2SD partition.

This is the functionality that SHOULD have been in Froyo not the implementation that Google have done. Ok some apps don’t work like Google Voice and Google Skymaps but that was just easy to unmount the SD and install on the phone memory. Mixzing works fine although the music seems to stutter when fetching album art so I’ve moved that to memory as well.

According to my account, I now have 57 apps installed, taking up 68 meg of space and yet I still have 92meg free on my internal phone memory. Having a 1gb seems overkill with hindsight.

So the moral of the story is don’t expect to have vast amounts of free space after the Froyo because of the “Move to SD card” feature because as it isn’t going to happen. Not until the app developers start adding the function anyway. So if you want to done properly, root your phone.

So glad I bought Android

At least my HTC Desire makes calls no matter how I handle it.

It’s hard not to laugh at Apple’s problems with their overpriced piece of shite really. Is it software? It is a design fault? Do I really give a damn? Let the roundabout continue of point and blame.

It makes it intriguing just want it is Apple are going to announce tomorrow eh. Will they recall at great cost and endure the humiliation or, as I somehow suspect, give everyone a really crappy rubber case worth £20 which fixes the problem that Jobs was alerted to in the design stage?

Tough choice.

HTC Desire Photoshop files

Well here’s something I can write about, that people actually might find useful.

Here are two photoshop files of the HTC Desire. One is fullsize with a blank 800×480 area, and the other is half the size, so 400×240.

Well here’s something I can write about, that people actually might find useful.

Here are two photoshop files of the HTC Desire. One is fullsize with a blank 800×480 area, and the other is half the size, so 400×240.

Share and enjoy.

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