Rapture Ready surpasses its own stupidity

Rapture Ready is a magnet for dimwitted, mentally crippled fundamentalist nutters, so while I was waiting for the first cretinous remark about neutrinos showing science being crap, I cam across this gem about the Italian scientists being prosecuted in Italy for failing to predict an earthquake. I have another take on this issue. Maybe putting scientists […]

Age Dating Correlations

by Paul Smith Version 2.1 Revised 11 JUN 2007 Correlations Correlations Correlations We see many creationists saying that dating methods are not accurate and are prone to errors. The problem is that these methods all correlate with each other in many rather astounding ways, given that they are based on very different mechanisms. To address […]

Evolution? Yes, children can Adam and Eve it

An article by Richard Dawkins from Eureka magazine. “Please tell me something I can tell Daddy, which he doesn’t already know.” The heartfelt plea of this child from Northern Ireland is the more poignant because his father happened to be a devout Christian – as is common in that unfortunate province. What nonsense might the […]

Science according to creationists #3

For people who think they’re experts on evolution, creationists are pretty dumb. Joey the porn peddler has mentioned that a giant camel found in Syria and the size of Neanderthal man compared to modern man is proof evolution is wrong. I think that deserves a… Now I’ve read On the Origin of Species dozens of times, and […]