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Sorry, but Sarcastic People are Actually Smarter Than You Are

Sarcasm, as they say, is the ability to insult stupid people without them realizing it.

In some cases, sarcasm is a means of indirectly expressing aggression toward others or insecurity about oneself, as Psychology Today puts it. In other cases, it’s more of a secret shield from all the moronic buffoons in the world – a sort of a “true lie” that listeners won’t always comprehend as being insincere.

It’s a private joke that can save you from annoying and aggravating situations, providing a respite in humor even in the crappiest situations.

So are sarcastic people just certified smart asses, or are we more intelligent (at least on an emotional level) than non-sarcastic people?

An university investigation shows that the ability to understand sarcasm depends on a carefully orchestrated sequence of complex cognitive skills in specific parts of the brain.Dr Shamay-Tsoory, a psychologist at the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa and the University of Haifa, said: “Sarcasm is related to our ability to understand other people’s mental state. It’s not just a linguistic form, it’s also related to social cognition.”

Her research revealed that areas of the brain that decipher sarcasm and irony also process language, recognize emotions and help us understand social cues.

Dr Shamay-Tsoory further explained that “understanding other people’s state of mind and emotions is related to our ability to understand sarcasm.”

Sarcasm seems to exercise the brain more than sincere statements do. Scientists who have monitored the electrical activity of the brains of test subjects exposed to sarcastic statements have found that brains have to work harder to understand sarcasm.There is actually a three-stage neural pathway in our brains that enables us to understand irony.

First the language center in the brain’s left hemisphere interprets the literal meaning of words. Next, the frontal lobes and right hemisphere process the speaker’s intention and check for contradictions between the literal meaning and the social and emotional context. Finally, the right ventromedial prefrontal cortex – our sarcasm meter – makes a decision based on our social and emotional knowledge of the situation.

According to Smithsonian magazine, a study in Israel has college students listen to complaints on a cellphone company’s customer service line.The students were better able to solve problems creatively when the complaints were sarcastic as opposed to just plain angry. According to the study’s authors, sarcasm “appears to stimulate complex thinking and to attenuate the otherwise negative effects of anger.”

So the students who recognized sarcasm had a better developed “theory of mind” – an ability to see beyond the literal meaning of the words, and understand that the speaker may be referring to something entirely different.For example, a theory of mind allows you to realize that when your girlfriend says “nice pants” when you have a giant hole in your crotch,she means just the opposite, that bitch.

As Richard Chin of Smithsonian Magazine explains, sarcasm requires a series of “mental gymnastics.” Sarcastic, satirical or ironic statements all compel the brain to “think beyond the literal meaning of the words and understand that the speaker may be thinking of something entirely different.”Studies have shown that exposure to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving. Thus, over time, this increased bulk of cognitive-expenditure doesn’t go to waste. Chin describes active sarcasm use as a means of “mental exercise.” Just like training your muscles, if you do 50 push-ups a day, over time, your arms are bound to be toned. So sarcasm, as a form of “mental exercise,” or “mental gymnastics” functions the same way. Over time, that “extra work” brought forth by sarcasm leaves our brains toned, too.

Some language experts suggest sarcasm is used as a sort of gentler insult, a way to tone down criticism with indirectness and humor. Other researchers have found that the mocking, smug, superior nature of sarcasm is perceived as more hurtful than a plain-spoken criticism; in fact, the Greek root for sarcasm, sarkazein, means to tear flesh like dogs.

But that all depends on who you’re talking to. Without sarcasm, what other shield do we have from stupid people?

Original article taken from PuckerMob.

World of Tanks: Hello again SU122-44

A little bored, so let’s give my SU122-44 a spin.


I enjoyed that 😀

This is dedicated to all the fucknuts I’ve let go.

Down, down, you bring me down
I hear you knocking down my door
And I can’t sleep at night.
Your face it has no place
No room for you inside my house
I need to be alone.

Don’t waste your words I don’t need anything from you,
I don’t care where you’ve been or what you plan to do.

Turn, turn, I wish you’d learn
There’s a time and place for everything
I’ve got to get it through.
Cut loose ’cause you’re no use
I couldn’t stand another
Second in your company.

Don’t waste your words I don’t need anything from you,
I don’t care where you’ve been or what you plan to do.

Stone me why can’t you see
You’re a no one nowhere washed up baby
Who’d look better dead.
Your tongue is far too long
I don’t like the way it sucks and
Slurs upon my every word.

Don’t waste your words I don’t need anything from you,
I don’t care where you’ve been or what you plan to do.

I am the resurrection and I am the life,
I couldn’t ever bring myself to hate you as I’d like.

I am the resurrection and I am the life,
I couldn’t ever bring myself to hate you as I’d like.

Who needs critical thinking when it looks good?

I’ve seen this image posted by quite a few people on Facebook and tracing it back to its source, at the time of writing it’s been shared 211,669 times. Now have a read of what it says and I’ll join you after.


Yeah! Bloody foreigners eh? Well no, because unlike the 211,000+ lobotomised muppets who’ve shared this shite, the first thing I did was reach for Google to find a) how much the Department for International Development budget is and b) what the UK GNI (that’s Gross National Income) is.

So how many billions do we give to other countries? Well, a ten second Google search finds the 2014 Statistics on International Development relatively quickly and we can see how much those foreigners are milking the UK taxpayers (that’s sarcasm!)

The UK has committed to giving 0.7% of GNI  as agreed by the United Nations in 1970, which will please  the New World Order conspiracy morons. But it’s also good news for window lickers who read the Daily Mail or support UKIP as in 2005 the EU also agreed to 0.7% of GNI by 2013. Bloody EU, taking our sovereignty and… and… shit (that was sarcastic as well!)

So from this document we can see that the UK government gives £11.4 billion to “other countries” and without any context whatsoever, it seems like a hell of a lot of money! Well that why we also look at the GNI of the UK because we know it’s only 0.7%.

Firstly GNI is Gross National Income and for 2013, the UK earned £1,465,641,838,680… yes that’s one trillion pounds, or £1,400 billion. Well gee, that poxy £11.4 billion looks piss poor now doesn’t it, dare I say trivial. So how much does the UK actually spend? According the Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses 2014, a cure for even the worst insomnia, in 2014-2015 the UK will spend £732 billion so in fact the johnny foreigners are pilfering 1.55% of UK government spending. The bastards (it’s sarcasm FFS!)

According to Wikipedia the average salary in the UK is £26,500, so it’s the equivalent of Mr/Mrs average giving £410 a year to help others. Like that’s going to fucking happen!

So after a few minutes research, you can see that the “billions” we give to “other countries” is poultry compared to government income and expenditure, but hey, don’t let something like facts get in the way of good old fashioned British xenophobic bullshit. Why not ask the questions that need to be asked like, where does the other £721 billion go?

I’m a big believer in helping those less fortunate than myself, and karma and that is why I don’t give a flying fuck about donating £11 billion to countries who need help in health, infrastructure, education, water sanitation and humanitarian aid and you’re a sociopathic prick if you don’t see any positive reasons to do so.

Putting emotive phrases when referring to the elderly, homelessness, mental illness and the armed forces is there for just that, to spark a reaction. All those issues have been around for decades, and you think £11 billion will suddenly solve all those problems you listed?  You idiot.

So we’re back to 211,000+ people who have reposted this shit image. Learn some critical thinking. Learn to read before believing what anyone says ESPECIALLY on Facebook! Learn to fucking research. Then you can make an informed decision on information rather than blindly follow those fuckers from UKIP or the Daily Mail.

Dear WordPress hackers

To the hackers in Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam and China who are trying to hack my site… WHY?

I’m lucky to get 10 visitors a day, so I’m a little puzzled why you’d bother. I’m not sure what kudos you’ll get from the hacking fraternity by taking down this shitty web site, but thanks for noticing me.

P.S. As a WordPress developer, do you seriously think I’d have a user called admin as a user on this site? Or even as user ID 1? Or /wp-admin folder?

Good luck anyway.

Salut România!

I’ve been invited to Romania 😀 Again. Long weekend in Timișoara and Bucharest.

My drunken WoT friends have invited me over for a long weekend sometime in December, and while I wait with bated breath to find out what hotel they’re going to dump me in, I’ve been checking out flights.

My lazy approach was to go from Exeter to Paris and then Paris to Bucharest which will cost about £500. Ok, I wasn’t expecting it to be cheap… until I looked at the prices from Stansted flying by RyanAir (yes I know, Buddy Holly airlines would be more reliable) and it turned out to be *drumroll please* £100. What the fuck? Unless it costs £400 to get to London, decision made.

Of course telling my parents I was going to Romania I got the “they’re all criminals” shit that UKIP spout out, but to be fair my Romanian friends are too drunk most of the time to play a simple game so if you’re looking for gangs of master criminals you’ve got the wrong people 😀

And then there’s the wife, I wonder what she’ll say muhahaha

World of Tanks: Seriously?

It’s quite depressing watching Mingles with Jingles the other day, that a seven year old who plays the game in Finland has a 49% win rate, while I have a 46%  rate.  Hmmm.

I’m not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, I don’t have the patience or the attention span to sit down and play a game for hours at a time. I use it as a relaxation tool after a hard day’s development, or just because I’m bored shitless at a weekend.

This seems to upset, not taking it seriously as it is after all a team game, though how shit is a team if one out of the 15 on our side isn’t taking it seriously…. No matter, I’ll take the blame and then instantly forget it.

Scotland votes

I’ve not been asked by many people what my views are on the vote for Scottish independence, but those that have  mirror my own views and that is this:

I would prefer Scotland not to leave the UK, but I can perfectly understand why they would want to. And the English attitudes, to me, are of jealously that the Scots COULD possibly be free of those fucking wastes of space in Westminster.

Strange that the Yes campaign picked up momentum as soon as Cameron, Clegg and Milliband started turning up in Scotland regularly, weird that.

I love Scotland, I love the people, I love the scenery. Good luck to the Scots in whatever they decide.

Part ten in a series taking a wry look at geocentrism and how it stacks up against reality. In this part we work through fixing problems with Tycho Brahe’s version of geocentrism, arriving at a Universe with a glaring problem, and ask whether anyone could be stupid enough to posit such a Universe as a geocentric one.

Guidance: Contains some mild language within a comedy context.

Thanks to Mahrai ZIller for the helix animation in this video. If you’d like to see flat Earthers and other 21st Century F**kwits being thoroughly shown up, check out his channel here:

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