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Irving arrested in Austria!

Fantastic news has spread through the internet. David Irving has been arrested in Austria!

With his past record of self-promotion by any means, we’re not to sure if this means the police being very efficient, or Irving is staging the whole thing just to put himself in the news AGAIN.

Who cares any way, we’ll now see his pleas for money from his remaining friends to fight his case, but we must all look on the bright side. He could be locked up for, and I haven’t stop laughing about this bit yet, 20 years. Oh, please stop, I’ve got a stitch from laughing.

“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…”

Irving ponders on subtleties of the weather that caused Hurricane Katrina

In today’s Action Report, he describes hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans.

As per usual the reader waits for the anti-Semitic comment and it didn’t take long, although I was surprised in the context.

I am surprised incidentally that our traditional enemies do not object that only Aryan names are used for these disasters — why no Hurricane Isidore’s or Chaim’s?

What does it matters what they are called now, or who you can blame it on?


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