Keira Knightly Refuses Breasts Enhancement

As much as I like Keira, she could do with a bit more on top, but hey at least she’s natural.

For her latest film, studio bosses wanted her cleavage enhanced for the publicity but looks like she has stopped them doing it.

Good on you Keira!Β  Perhaps you’d let them put a little fat around your skeletal frame though!

Our I.T is slack compared to this lot

In the I.T department I work in, we rather enjoy annoying the plebs by saying we can read their e-mails, know where they’re going and when on the internet. This normally keeps them in line so we don’t have to worry so much about wasting our precious solitaire work time on silly things like internet blocking.

But from this report on Reuters, it looks like we’re missing out on so much πŸ™‚

One third of I.T professionals, yes I qualify in that section, have owned up to snooping on other people’s information.

Now we have three people in I.T, and so which one of us is lying?

It also highlights a rather cavalier attitude to passwords, especially when staff leave the company. I’m amazed at that revelation. When someone leaves our place, first thing we do is go through their emails, especially recovering the “good” ones and putting them about the company πŸ™‚

Another display of abject stupidity!

I admit I despise stupid people, but it takes something really, REALLY special to shock me into being stuck for words.

I found this in the letters section my favourite local rag newspaper, the Express and Echo.

It’s the middle of May, the month the Hadron Collider in Switzerland was due to be switched on.

For those who are unaware this is the experiment in which the conditions at the start of the universe are to be replicated in a large tube under a mountain.As I understand it, our universe began when a lump of matter the size of a garden pea exploded, creating galaxies, stars, planets and us. It hasn’t stopped expanding yet. It is therefore very volatile stuff.

In the last week or so we have had a major cyclone and a massive earthquake.

Coincidence? I hope so.

Is there worse to come?

G R Holwill
Stoke Hill Crescent

I have nothing but admiration for anyone who can go through life, and display that level of stupidity.

Neil Aspinall

deathSad news that Beatles roadie, personal assistant and chief exec of Apple died today at the age of 66.

After overseeing the Anthology project, 2008 will also see the release of the remastered Beatles albums.

He left Apple Records just a few months ago, but died of lung cancer in New York.

It’s a sad loss, and his contribution to the Beatles story will never been forgotten.

Interview with Guzzler, ex Silents

guzzler_3_thumbI have loved the Silents DK megademo since I first saw it all those years ago. I love the music and I still believe they were among the best coders to have been on the scene.

But it was the Dromacore part that really hit me. The tune by Jesper Kyd (called Freaky Humans) is just fantastic, so when I set out to find my heroes from the Amiga days, Guzzler was fairly close to the top of the list.

guzzler_4_thumbPentagram: Hi Guzzler

Guzzler: Hello there…

Pentagram: Can you introduce yourself.

Guzzler: I’m Thomas, also known as Guzzler… or among friends just Guz.

Pentagram: What do you do now?

Guzzler: I am working as a pilot for Scandinavian Airlines. Computers and movement… a great combination!!

Pentagram: What you been up to since you left the scene?

Guzzler: Well quite a lot, actually… I joined the Danish Air force to become a fighter pilot. I did complete the tests but after spending some months there, I found out that the ‘army way’ wasn’t really my cup of tea, so I dropped out as soon as I could. Then I got an invitation from some of the old Crionics guys to come to the USA, to make computer games on the old Sega Megadrive. That lasted around 1 year, and then we split up again. Then I wanted to try something completely different and the next 4 years I worked as a bicycle messenger in Copenhagen, and then I fulfilled my flying dreams by taking a commercial pilots licence. Have been flying for the last 4 years now and I love it!! πŸ™‚

Pentagram: Are you still in touch with the old Silents people now?

Guzzler: Not really. Sometimes I talk with The Crux (Ruvan), but we see each other too little.

Pentagram: What was is like working with Mikael Balle and Jesper Kyd? Must have been a coders dream to have those two in your team.

Guzzler: They were totally pro’s, both of them. I guess I can say that they were among the best artists on the scene at that time and YES, It was totally cool to be working with those two. You could make some lame code and it would look great after they had been working with it.

Pentagram: When the old Silents DK crew died out, The Master seemed to give them a boost. Did you ever think of dusting off the old Amiga and joining in again?

Guzzler: Actually yes, but I didn’t have time for it. I liked assembler coding a lot and the Amiga system were a nice little package that you could handle with that. Today, I wouldn’t bother with assembler code on the PC since the processors are much too complex. And C++ makes me feel like being in a straight jacket so there’s not a lot of code coming out from me anymore. I did think about programming cellular phones but now they are running Java, so I lost my interest there again. I think I will stick to being 10 kilometres above the ground. πŸ˜‰

Pentagram: What do you like doing in your spare-time when not computing?

Guzzler: Well, spending time with my girlfriend, listening to music, playing computer games, watching movies, seeing friends. Normal stuff I guess…

Pentagram: How did you get into the scene?

guzzler_1_thumbGuzzler: I almost can’t remember. I think The Crux got to know Kyd and Balle and then things took off from there. I was constantly hanging out with Crux at that time, being the quiet thinker, so without him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to work with Kyd and Balle.

Pentagram: Do you follow the retro Amiga “scene” at all?

Guzzler: No, not at all.

Pentagram: Ever felt tempted to release another Amiga production?

Guzzler: Heh, could probably be fun, but no. Haven’t got the time for it…

Pentagram: Are you still in contact with ex-sceners?

Guzzler: Not really. If a had continued to work with computers I probably would have been, but now it’s fellow pilots that I see.

Pentagram: Could you tell us some of your all times favourite demos/coders/musicians/etc?

Guzzler: Hardwired, I still see as a milestone production.The Spy from Crionics is probably one of the greatest programmers I have ever known about. Deftronic, also from Crionics, one of the most hard working. Kyd and Balle, great artists. Blizzard and Kellogs were cool coders. Kefrens, a hardcore group. Moses Team, great party dudes. A lot of the guys I knew back then were great… Hard to remember all their names.

Pentagram: Thanks for the interview, and last message to people?

Guzzler: You’re welcome.Last Message… Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe: Keep working for what you believe in, as long as you don’t tread on people on your way.

I know Irving’s never known to exaggerate, but..

In an attempt to look more hard done by, Irving’s front page news story has change in a subtle way. Instead of “Arrested in Austria”, it now says “Arrested at gunpoint in Austria.”

A subtle yet more dramatic alteration.

I haven’t update my Teleport copy of his site in a month or so, but suspect it was done when the site was screwed (the technical term I believe) over the new year holidays. Bloody tragic it came back.

Interview with Delta, ex Red Sector Inc

delta_followme_thumb[1]The next victim of my near legendary shit interview technique is a member of the team behind the most famous megademo. He released a couple more demos and the RSI Demomaker before disappearing.

Mark: Hi Delta, Can you introduce yourself

Delta: Hi! There was a time when there where more people knowing me as Delta than as Florian, which is my real name. Today I’m living in Bremen (Germany) and am luckily married with my wife Kristina. I’m 25 years old 😎 and enjoying life (even without doing demos, can you believe it?).

Mark: What do you do now?

Delta: I’m working for a non-profit research institute in the area of medical image processing.

Mark: How did you get into the scene?

Delta: I started with a VIC20 hacking BASIC. Later on, I knew some local people in the C64 scene, we joined a group called EXACT in that days. When some friends and I started programming the Amiga, we did some EXACT demos and then got to know Gandalf (Red Sector). Through him, we got to know IRATA, the master-mind of Red Sector and joined them as TCC Design, which was a group of people in my town.

Mark: What do you like doing in your spare-time when not computing?

Delta: My favourite hobby is juggling, mainly diabolo. I like doing sport, especially roller blading and bicycle. I like cooking all kind of stuff and meeting with friends to chat and play games. Our current project is our 400m2 garden, where we are going to plant vegetables.

delta_megademo_thumb[1]Mark: Ok it’s been 14 years since the RSI Megademo. How does it feel to be associated with some thing that has passed into legend?

Delta: I guess it is a bit like being a star and realizing that it is not important being a star, because it doesn’t help you much in real life
I had a time when I didn’t like to be “Delta”, especially when I realized that many of the scene people where only interested in what you code and not who you are as a person. I think I spent too much time in front of the screen in those days. Today it’s funny to have that background, and I like to show my old demos to friends sometimes (on an Amiga emulator, UAE rules!).
And last but not least, I got to know a lot of nice people all over the globe and that is great!

delta_cebit90_thumb[1]Mark: Ok so the Cebit 90 demo was released, and the next we heard from you was the RSI Demomaker. What happened after that?

Delta: I studied Computer Science and stopped doing demos. I had a short adventure into the Sega MegaDrive, where I wrote a small game.

Mark: When I saw the RSI Megademo I wanted to learn how to do that! So it’s your fault I spent late nights getting annoyed with Devpac and later AsmOne. Do you feel guilty? πŸ™‚

Delta: Yes 8)

Mark: Good man πŸ™‚ Do you follow the retro Amiga Scene at all?

Delta: No, I just visited some websites, like

Mark: Ever felt tempted to release another Amiga production?

Delta: No, never. Today I would go for OpenGL…

Mark: Are there moments when you feel nostalgic thinking back to the past years of the scene?

Delta: Not really. It was a good time, but time moves on.

Mark: Are you still in contact with ex-sceners?

Delta: Yes, I have some good friends in Spreadpoint.

Mark: Could you tell us some of your all times favourite demos/coders/musicians/etc?

Delta: Demos: I can’t remember the names, but the stuff from Slayer was cool. There where many demos which I really liked!
Coders: Promax and Slayer
Musicians: Romeo Knight and BitArts

Mark: Thanks for the interview my friend, and last message to people?

Delta: Peace on earth and enjoy your life!

What is David Irving playing at?

How did he end up in an Austrian jail?

Well, that’s not so important. To me the question is “Why did he end up in an Austrian jail?”

There are two answers to this.

The first scenario is that David Irving thought he could get away with sneaking into a country that he was banned from, to give a lecture to some students. I don’t think anyone would take that chance willingly, and Irving, for all his faults isn’t stupid. It takes a certain amount of skill to skew documents and argue that they mean the opposite of what they say.

What is stupid is stating on his web site that he was going somewhere and leaving the place empty so has to disguise it. Surely he would have known that this meant he would be going somewhere he shouldn’t. Not exactly rocket science.

Naturally someone would have learned of the plans for his visit and alerted the authorities. Why not? I would have done it as well.

But how did he get into that situation?

The second option, and the one I personally think fits Irving like a glove.

David Irving, an outsider in the denial world since his disastrous loss in the high court against Professor Lipstadt, and desperately needs to get some credibility back. He sees his friends Zundel and Rudolf in prison and getting lots of publicity, so what could he do to draw more attention to himself? “Oh I know, ” thinks Irving. “I’ll go to Austria!”

Surely the inconvenience of a few weeks in jail is bearable for all the publicity he can get and start screaming about his “freedom of speech”, or gramophone he would say.

It’s like Irving is suffering for the cause, he’s in the same situation as Rudolf and Zundel, and so he must be like them? The stupid people who believe the “holohoax” think the same, and Irving is restored to his former self. Sadly.

Is it outside the realms of possibility that this was set up from the start?

No I don’t think so.

He’s a consummate attention seeker as has been shown throughout his “career”, so I wouldn’t put it past him to have set this up from the very start.

All I can say is “who cares?”

Another sob story from Irving!

Irving’s updated the index page with yet another sob story. It all sounds so great, but then read it again and you can see why he is loathed by so many.

“Mr Irving remains incarcerated [sure that was his fault for entering a country he was banned from entering] in a Viennese prison pending trial on February 20 for “offences” of a kind unknown in English law or truly democratic societies. [Once again Irving fails to mention what that law actually means, not what he thinks it means. It’s NOT a question of free speech.]”

“To date, Mr Irving – never idle ever diligent no matter adversity [and modest] – has hand-written 600 pages of memoirs, “Irving’s War” [Pompous twat. More aligning himself with his idol]. He has received “156 letters [wow! that many?] from anonymous [there’s a surprise] Austrians and Germans who are thinking what they are denied the freedom of speech to say” [rubbish, once again it’s NOT a question of free speech]. What kind of truth is so weak that it must imprison reasoning sceptics who dare to question it? [“reasoning” doesn’t apply to you Irving]”

“Professor Deborah Lipstadt the self-described “dragon-slayer” (though she refused to face the dragon/witness stand in 2000 in London’s High Court [bollocks! Professor Lipstadt was not needed to prove Irving was a liar, that was the historians job and a thorough job they did of it as well]) pleads: “Let him go and let him fade from everyone’s radar screens”.”

We live in hope, though rotting in an Austrian jail sounds just as good an alternative.

Irving arrested in Austria!

Fantastic news has spread through the internet. David Irving has been arrested in Austria!

With his past record of self-promotion by any means, we’re not to sure if this means the police being very efficient, or Irving is staging the whole thing just to put himself in the news AGAIN.

Who cares any way, we’ll now see his pleas for money from his remaining friends to fight his case, but we must all look on the bright side. He could be locked up for, and I haven’t stop laughing about this bit yet, 20 years. Oh, please stop, I’ve got a stitch from laughing.

“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…”