When I moved from Windows laptop to MacOS, I was worried about finding alternative versions of software I was using.

After recommendations from friends and web sites, I’ve replaced ACDSee with Lyn, Notepad++ with Sublime Text, KMPlayer with VLC and MPlayerX and Adobe Photoshop with Pixelmator.

The only remaining replacement to find was for my blogging client, Windows Live Writer, probably the best piece of software Microsoft created, which bizarrely they’re attempting to kill of while at the same time adding a piss poor, bastardised version of it into Microsoft Office. Cue sarcastic applause. Well done Microsoft.

Blogo-iconAnd then I found Blogo.

Ok limitations first.

Well hope you can remember your categories or tags as there’s no selection list or autocomplete.

Images don’t show, just a placeholder.

It doesn’t download the CSS from your blog theme so there’s no WYSIWYG view of what the post will look like. There’s no code view either.

Other than that, I don’t notice anything else that stops me writing shite for my blog.

Maybe I’ve just been spoilt by how good Windows Live Writer was, but Blogo is a damn good alternative.

And if you are using Evernote, well there’s integration with that to, though I don’t use it so I couldn’t say how useful that is.

You can buy Blogo from the Apple App Store for $29.99.