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Fundamentally Flawed Episode 90: Magic Milk

Be like Tim

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Didn’t expect a response from @virginmedia


WordPress plugin to replicate Pluralsight’s search

The development team are being reskilled (NOT retrained) to use technologies for mobile apps like AngularJS and MVC5 and as we’re MSDN members, we get Pluralsight free 🙂

So we all get our subscriptions through and the first thing I notice is the search.


That’s nice, so my mind is already writing the code in my head, but I’m a lazy shit so can I rip it? Nope, it’s in ReactJS.


Ok, let’s break down each step and write it in jQuery. For WordPress. As a plugin. Piece of piss.

Ta dah!

Ta dah! If I could get my own domain URL right. Duh.

This is provided as is. It’s very basic, no responsiveness, no options and written and tested in Chrome. Sure it can be improved greatly, but this was just me messing around more than creating a finished project.

Download it here, add it to your site and activate.

After a little bit of tidying, I’ve added it to GitHub along with other shite I’ve done.

If you want to reconfigure it, you’ll have to edit the files and colours and stuff.

Try the search box on the left hand side on this blog and you’ll see it in action.

How to brighten my day #275 : Childhood dream follow you


Oh my fucking god. Kathy Lloyd was a legend in the 80’s, still a legend in my… erm… heart today and still stunning.

Regressive Left Bullshit Bingo

I was writing a blog post about some regressive who commented on a podcast and I was just about to insert an image of SJW Bullshit Bingo I found on Google Images when I thought “there must be a better way of doing this?”

So a few minutes later I had a jQuery version up and running.

So play along while watching some shite from Laci Green or MTV Decoded.
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Fundamentally Flawed is back!

After two years away from podcasting, most of the original line up (Alex, Jim, Peter and myself) of Fundamentally Flawed have reformed.

We stripped away the bullshit to go back to what we did best, waste hours of your time talking bollocks 🙂

Alex explains some of the reasoning behind the new format.

The archive of past Fundamentally Flawed podcasts and hangouts can be found here or you can subscribe on iTunes.

Joe Cienkowski vs Scientia Perceptum: “Is the Noachian Flood supported or refuted by Science?”

Unde rthe delusion that he won the first debate, and under the impression he could possibly convert someone to theism, @joecienkowski has a second debate.

This time however, he’s going to use ONLY science to prove the flood.

What could go wrong?

Programmer’s shock and amazing


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