Another Charlie Hebdo shitstorm… and I laughed and laughed

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Remember back in 2015 after 12 people were murdered by Islamic Terrorists, because apparently they took the piss out of another magical sky daddy?

Do you remember the outrage and the general feeling that free speech is a fundamental right, precious and should be protected at all costs and respected against censorship.

Yeah I do, I was so upset about it that I changed my Facebook profile picture to the French Tricolore. Sarcasm of course, it was genuinely shocking moment.

Fast forward six years, and the free speech people spoke of goes out the fucking window because Charlie Hebdo publishes a front cover of the Queen of England’s knee on Megan Markle’s neck.

“Why Meghan left Buckingham….” … “because I couldn’t breathe anymore

Not giving a flying fuck about the royal family and having an opinion of the lying, attention seeking, manipulative Megan Markle that puts her somewhere between Myra Hindley and Rose West, I thought it was hilarious. Just how many high profile interviews asking for privacy before everyone stops giving a shit about you? lol

But this is the [current_year], so you can imagine how people who thought free speech was so important six years ago suddenly change their fucking tune.

Apparently there’s a difference between the satirical magazine ripping in Islam and taking the piss out of Markle.

Je suis Charlie… until it upsets your fee fee’s.

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