About Sarky Marky

exeter_sw_mapI was born kicking and screaming in 1971, I find I’m still kicking and screaming in the present.

I was born and inbred in Exeter with a comedy Devonian accent.

I have a short attention span, no patience and I get bored very easily and that applies equally to monotonous tasks or dull people.

I’m not what you would call a “people person”, in fact I prefer to keep people as far as possible from me if I can help it. I find social media a colossal pain in the arse at the best of times, but I tolerate it as it’s the only social interaction I get. There’s a benefit to have friends at least 200 miles away from me, not least because I don’t get phone calls at 4am like I used to.

I suffer from manic depression and chronic anxiety issues, so I’m either incredibly happy and productive or lethargic and miserable. I also suffer from avoidant personality disorder, yes I do sounds like a wonderful person to be around.

I’ve no education whatsoever. I failed all my high school exams, and fucked up college finals apart from my 99% score in microsystems which told me to give up trying to be an engineer, and stick to being a geek.

Time to blow my own trumpet, mostly as no other fucker will do it for me, but I’m a damn good developer and I should hope so as I’ve been programming computers since I first got a ZX Spectrum back in 1983. Games bore the tits off me, so I got into programming, both at high and low-level.

Today that’s all gone to shit as I’m web developer and server administrator, mostly using WordPress writing themes and plugins for corporate web sites.

Currently in the middle of retraining for mobile application development with ASP.NET, MVC5 and AngularJS.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading about history and science, playing Armored Warfare and getting to grips with Unity 3D to get some of the ideas I have for games in my head.

Busy, busy.

I’ve long since stop giving a flying fuck what people think of me, so bearing that in mind, if you want to message me, feel free.

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