A little awkward moment

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6360_Google-SkyMap-logoI had a bitch of a day yesterday, which included trashing my HTC Desire after uninstalling the new Launcher Pro.

So I had thrill of reinstalling all my apps, and thank fuck I had an AppBrain account, it made the whole job a lot easier, so once I did all that I went out at 11:30pm ish to have my final cigarette and it was a lovely clear sky, lots of bright objects and as a little bit of a astronomy buff, I wanted to know what they were.

So I got my phone and fired up Google Sky Map and was looking around. I do love that app, absolutely fantastic and I’m the envy of the crApple iBone users in the office with it.

So there I was, merrily looking at Vega, the north star and looking for the planets when I catch out of the corner of my neighbour, who also was having a final cigarette.

I normally get weird looks from him at the best of times, so trying to explain to him that I’m not filming people at close to midnight, but trying to work out the stars was some task.

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